Grape Salad Feature

Grape Salad

I’m not sure if this Grape Salad should really be called a salad…. Are salads really supposed to taste THIS good?? First, the grapes are covered in a yummy sweetened cream cheese/sour cream mixture! Then they are and topped off with brown sugar and pecans for the ultimate sweetness with added crunch! While this definitely …

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Vegetarian Nachos Feature

Vegetarian Nachos

These Vegetarian Nachos are ultimate cheesy perfection! And for anyone who likes Mexican (who doesn’t???) they are quick and easy to make at home! We have become regulars at Hacienda, our favorite Mexican restaurant in town.  So much that my youngest daughter, Bella, refers to one of the waiters as “dad’s friend!” My husband, Troy, …

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Finger Jello Feature

Finger Jello

When was the last time you ate Finger Jello? While I haven’t had this in years, it most definitely brings back happy childhood memories!! When I was little, my mom called these jiggly treats Knox Blox. I remember her making these a lot in the summer.  Especially for road trips, such as our annual family …

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