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Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

This Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food!

The combination of creamy cheesy pasta mixed with the perfect amount of spicy buffalo chicken is a match made in heaven!

I first had a dish like this at Buffalo Wild Wings, and wanted to try to replicate that same flavor here at home.

How to make Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Start by gathering all of the ingredients.

While you definitely could make your own chicken, I wanted to make this recipe as easy as possible, without compromising taste.

So I opted to use pre-cooked frozen buffalo chicken strips, but didn’t skimp on the good stuff when it comes to making homemade mac and cheese.


The first step is to put a pot of water on the stove to bring to a boil for macaroni, and preheat oven for chicken strips, according to package.

At this time, you can also start to grate the cheese.  Multi-tasking will help save time!

Boil Water

Once, the water is boiling, add macaroni and bring back to a boil…..then cook for about 8 minutes.

Boil Pasta

By now, the oven should be preheated.  Bake the chicken while the macaroni is cooking

Bake Buffalo Chicken

Shredded Cheese vs. Block Cheese

Continue to grate the cheese, while the macaroni and chicken are cooking.

While you could use pre-shredded cheese, I highly recommend buying a block of cheese to grate.  The pre-shredded cheese contains preservatives that prevent it from melting as well, as these preservatives are what keeps the shredded cheese from clumping together in the bag.

And yes, I realize it is much more convenient to buy shredded cheese, and in a lot of cases I do.  But for mac and cheese, where I’m looking for that super smooth and creamy consistency, I will definitely take a little extra time and grate the cheese myself.

Shredded Cheese

Once the macaroni is done cooking, drain it.

Drain Pasta

Return to the same pan (or a larger one if necessary) and add the butter, sour cream, and cheese.

Add Ingredients

Stir to combine all ingredients, and cook on medium-low until cheese is melted.  Add milk and half & half.

Add Milk and Half and Half

Creamy Pasta

Turn Regular Mac and Cheese into Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Next, add the hot sauce and salt, and cook on low for a couple of minutes or until desired thickness.

Add Buffalo Sauce

By now, chicken strips should be done baking.  Cut into small pieces.

Buffalo Chicken

Add the chicken strips to the mac and cheese.  Reserve some for topping if desired.

Add Chicken

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

YUM!!  This was definitely a hit!

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

If you’re looking to add some spice to the classic taste of mac and cheese, this is definitely worth trying!

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