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Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

Close up Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

What makes Edible Sugar Cookie Dough so popular?

Other than the fact that it tastes AH-MAZING, it is perfectly SAFE to eat by the spoonful!!

I’m the first one to admit that I am guilty of indulging in a spoonful (or 10!) of raw cookie dough when I’m rolling out balls of cookie dough to be baked.

And yes, I am well aware of the potential danger of consuming raw eggs and flour.  This was ingrained in my brain as a kid, when I would sneak cookie dough out of the bowl.

But I’m not gonna lie…I distinctly remember fighting over who got to lick the beaters whenever my mom was making cookies or cupcakes!  And while I was told it’s not good for you, it definitely didn’t scare me, let alone stop me.

And maybe I’m not a good mom, because I don’t bat an eye when my kids sneak a bite.

However, if there is a safe option to consume this delectable treat, why not go that route?

Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

A local gas station near our house sells edible cookie dough, and it is so good!  I’ve definitely seen it at multiple grocery stores, as well, but it is not something we regularly buy.

My oldest daughter followed an easy recipe she had come across on TikTok, but it definitely didn’t measure up to what we were used to!

So I wanted to try to create a recipe, based on a tried and true sugar cookie dough recipe my mom made for years.

And that is exactly what I did, with some minor tweaks.

What Makes it Safe to Eat

The obvious culprits of what makes eating raw cookie dough a risky choice, are the eggs and flour.  So the first step was to simply eliminate the eggs from the recipe.

Now about the flour.  How do you make cookie dough without flour?  Well, while I’m sure there are some recipes out there that completely omit it, I can’t imagine they would  have that taste I’m looking for.  Especially for sugar cookies.

So, you will be happy to learn that flour can be heat-treated.  This gets rid of any bad bacteria that might be harbored in the flour, and doing so makes it perfectly safe to eat.

How to Make Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

Here are the ingredients I used to make this fun treat

Ingredients for Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

The first step was to make the flour safe to eat.  So I spread it out on a cookie sheet and baked it for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.

Bake Flour

Meanwhile, I began to measure out the other ingredients, starting with the sugar.

Sugar in Bowl

I added the softened butter.

Add Butter

I used an electric mixer to combine the sugar and butter.

Beat Sugar and Egg

Then I added milk, vanilla, and almond extract.  If you don’t care for almond extract, you can definitely leave it out.  Personally, I love the taste of it in sugar cookies and frosting, so I thought it would add the perfect flavor!

Add Liquid Ingredients

Mixed Ingredients

By this time, the flour should be done baking.

Heat Treated Flour

Add the flour to the bowl of mixed ingredients, and mix thoroughly.

Add Flour and Salt
Mixed Dough

Now for the fun part!  Add some sprinkles!

Add Sprinkles

I normally don’t add white chocolate chips when I make sugar cookies, but I ran across these new Funfetti white chocolate chips in Target, and I thought they would be a fun add in!

Funfetti White Chocolate Chips

So I mixed some of those in as well!

Add Funfetti Chips

Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

Now time to dig in!

Close up Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

But if eating cookie dough straight from the bowl is beneath you 😉, simply roll out into these cute little balls!  I added more sprinkles to the top.

Shaped Into Balls

This also might help with portion control!

Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

But in our house….not so much.  I found an empty pan in the fridge the next morning!


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