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M&M Cookie Bars

M&M Cookie Bars

M&M Cookie Bars is one recipe I know (without a doubt) I can make and EVERYONE will be happy!

I don’t think I’ve met a single person in my life that has ever said they don’t like M&Ms.  If you think about it, that would be kind of crazy…

And throw them into some cookie dough and that just adds to their yummy chocolatey goodness!!

Sadly, I didn’t get to indulge in these this time around.  I had signed up to take a dessert to school for parent teacher conferences day last week.

Figured I couldn’t go wrong with this classic favorite.

Ingredients for M&M Cookie Bars

I always have all of the ingredients for these on hand, with the exception of the M&Ms.


The first step is to measure out the flour, baking soda, and salt.

Bowl of Dry Ingredients

Stir until combined, and set aside.

Mixed Dry Ingredients

Next, in a larger bowl, measure out both sugars, butter, and vanilla.Sugars Butter and Vanilla

Beat ingredients, using electric mixer.

Mixed Ingredients

Add eggs and beat thoroughly.

Add Eggs

Mixed Ingredients

Next, add the flour mixture, and gradually beat to combine.

Add Flour

Cookie Batter

Last, but certainly not least, add the M&Ms.

Add M&Ms

Spread cookie dough into greased 15″ x 10″ jelly roll pan.

Cookie Batter Spread in Pan

I like to add extra M&Ms to the top before baking.

Add Extra M&Ms on Top

Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

Put Bars in the Oven

Baked Bars

These are so easy to make!

Cut into Bars

Added bonus, because they are bar cookies, there are not multiple cookie sheets to be washed!

M&M Cookie Bars

Loaded with M&Ms, these never last long in our house!

M&M Cookie Bars

Hopefully the teachers enjoyed them as much as my family always does!

M&M Cookie Bars

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