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Creamy Ranch Coleslaw

Ranch Coleslaw

Creamy Ranch Coleslaw is one of my favorite go-to side dishes.  Especially when we’ve got something cooking on the smoker or grill.

Not only is it delicious, it is super easy to whip together fast.

This pairs perfectly with anything from burgers to steak!

4 Ingredients for Creamy Ranch Coleslaw

While you could definitely cut up your own cabbage and carrots, the convenience of prepackaged coleslaw make this dish even more simple!

That, along with sour cream, mayonnaise, and ranch dressing mix and you are set to go!


First, empty the coleslaw mix into a large bowl.

Cole Slaw Mix

In a separate bowl, mix sour cream and mayonnaise together.

Mayo and Sour Cream

Mayo and Sour Cream Mixed

Add the ranch dressing mix.

Ranch Dressing Mix

Add Ranch Dressing

Stir to combine.

Mixed Ingredients

Last, add the dressing with the coleslaw mix.

Combine Coleslaw with Dressing

Toss together until coleslaw is coated in dressing.

Ranch Coleslaw

How easy is that??

Ranch Coleslaw

This can be served immediately.  However, I personally think it tastes better if it is refrigerated for awhile.

It seems to really bring out the yummy ranch flavor throughout the coleslaw!  In fact, if I am prepared and have the ingredients, I will make this the night before.

I love recipes that can be made in advance like this.  Especially when you are making multiple side dishes!  It’s always nice to have at least one thing prepared ahead of time, so there’s not as much multi-tasking last minute.

Ranch Coleslaw with Burger


Closeup of Ranch Coleslaw

Perfectly creamy and full of zesty ranch flavor!

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