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Best Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite holiday.  But….it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in Valentine’s Sugar Cookies.  If you really need an excuse.  😉

Forget all the heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates you find in every store.  I would choose these frosted valentine’s sugar cookies over store-bought candy any day!

Valentine’s Sugar Cookies to warm the heart!

This February 14th was by far the coldest Valentine’s Day I can remember.

I’m talking FREEZING!!  Here in Iowa, I think the forecasted high for the day was -2 degrees.  And that didn’t even take into account the wind chill!

This explains why we spent the better part of the day (and entire weekend!) confined to home. Which let’s be honest….that’s pretty much how the past year has felt (stuck at home)….am I right??

So, what better to do when stuck inside?  In our house, bring on the baking!

Since any traditional Valentine’s Day card/treat exchanges at school weren’t happening this year, kids were feeling a little ripped off.  Not really, but I did feel bad that they’ve had to miss all the traditional school parties this year….Halloween, Christmas, and now Valentine’s Day.

My older two are past that age, but my youngest daughter is in elementary school, so she still looks forward to these celebrations.

I had picked up a few small treats from the Valentine’s section at Target, but honestly, candy can’t compete with baked goods….at least in my opinion.

Frosted Valentine’s sugar cookies have basically become a tradition in our house, so I had actually thought ahead and prepared the sugar cookie dough the night before.

Ingredients for Valentine's Sugar Cookies

The sugar cookie dough is made with basic ingredients, you likely already have at home.

Wet ingredients with sugar

Start by combining the butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla.

Mixed ingredients

Next, add the flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt.

Adding flour mixture

Sugar cookie dough

I typically chill the dough overnight, but if you are pressed for time, I have also mixed it up in the morning and refrigerated it for a good part of day before baking cookies at night.

Your call.  Either way, these Valentine’s sugar cookies are sure to be a family favorite!

Valentine’s Sugar Cookies for the Birthday Girl?

Despite the frigid temp, we did have to make one exception to leave the house.

Our lovable dog, Dezzi, turned 6 years old!  Or should I say 42?

Truth be told, we don’t really know when her actual birthday is.

We found our little bundle of fur in mid-August of 2015 at an animal shelter.  They had found her on the street, with no tags, and no one had claimed her.  😥 The shelter had guessed that she was approximately 1-1/2 years old, and our veterinarian agreed that was probably pretty accurate.

So given that estimate, that would put her birthday in mid-February.  Back to Valentine’s Day never being a big deal to me….we decided to make it more fun by declaring it Dezzi’s birthday.

And Dezzi’s most favorite thing ever is to go to the off-leash dog park.  So heck yes, we absolutely had to brave the cold to make sure the birthday girl’s wish came true.

I mean really, could you say no to this face?

my dog dezzi

We managed to tough it out for a half hour, which honestly was longer than I thought we’d be able to.  I was a little concerned if the extreme cold could hurt Dezzi’s paws, but it didn’t seem to phase her.

She actually prefers the cold.  She’d take snow any day over summer sun.

And when we came home, she was content to snuggle on a blanket on the couch.

So it was time for me to start baking the Valentine’s sugar cookies…for human consumption.  Sorry, Dezzi….no Valentine’s sugar cookies for dogs.

Time to Start Baking

Valentine's Sugar Cookies cutter and rolling pin

All you need is a rolling pin, cookie cutter, and a clean surface for rolling the dough.

Heart cutout sugar cookies out of the oven

Bake the cookies at 375 degrees for about 6-8 minutes.  My lighter cookie sheets tend to need an extra minute or two of baking time, compared to the darker cookie sheets.

Valentine’s Sugar Cookies Frosting

I have about three or so different frosting recipes I’ve used for these Valentine’s sugar cookies.

The fact that I was frosting these for immediate consumption, I wasn’t too worried about making them look perfectly pretty.

Valentine's Sugar Cookies frosting

This vanilla frosting is super easy to make.  It goes on smooth, which allows the cookies to really hold on to any sprinkles or decoration you decide to add.

Plate of frosted Valentine's Sugar Cookies

And the result is so perfectly yummy!

I’m embarrassed to say the Valentine’s sugar cookies were all gone by lunch time the following day.  But hey, the kids didn’t have school that day due to President’s day, so let’s just blame it on them.

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